We sustain good connections

In our team, with our guests, to our home Fettehenne.

The feeling of belonging differentiates the Landhotel Fettehenne on many levels. We are not a boring hotel outlet that could be found anywhere, instead we are a warm-hearted house, deeply connected to its community. Our culture originates out of this very feeling of belonging, that we live rather than write down.

What makes us original, Fettehenne

Everything we do is about relations. The relation to our family history. The relation to our home Leverkusen Fettehenne and to its people. And the relation to our guests, to their personality, wishes, needs and expectations. The relation to the nearby farmers of the “Bergische Land”, who supply us with fresh breakfast eggs, milk and cheese. And none the less the relations we cultivate within our team. If well apprenticed or passionate about the people, if young or remained young: we work well together, because we care about each other and our guests.

Undebatable relations

We believe it’s possible, to incorporate obvious contradictions of the hospitality. Why wouldn’t modernity and the secure feeling of home not being incorporable? Why wouldn’t the high ambitions of the luxury industry not being incorporable to the personality of a family run hotel? Why wouldn’t innovation and traditional hospitality not being incorporable? Why wouldn’t the family story not have any place in the vision of our Fettehenne?

The culture of belonging we embrace, allows us to surprise our guests always on a new. Because strong connections are precious. We cultivate them, for us, for our Fettehenne, for our region and for you, our guest.