Conferences in Fettehenne, Conferences in the green

the most up to date equipment, garden access, incl. views into the national park

Providing guests access to the garden, comes along with the ability to totally calm down, getting disconnected. Having every attendant focused and receptive for whats to come.

Despite all of this, we’ll provide you with the most up to date equipment. A work setting, that will allow you to think outside the box. Whether its in your imagination, or you really break out into our garden. We provide a creative space for extraordinary ideas.

Our team is happy to tailor the perfect setting to your conferences needs.

Our room fits up to 10 attendants.

Our Equipment: Intuitive and Innovative: Samsung FLIP2 and Infinitable


Our Breakfast Buffet – A place to host a business meeting in the early hours.

An ambiance which provides a generous breakfast and a relaxed setting for creative and meaningful talks.

Costs 12€ for externals and 9€ and 10€ for hotel guests.

Rooms with best perspectives on an enjoyable stay

Modern renovated, including lovely extras

From the outside we might appear conservative – even more surprising it is to be brought up to the modern and designed room, the stylistic reception desk and the modern wellness area, and so on.

Music in our veins – as well in the Landhotel Fettehenne

We want you to feel home with a lot of extras to explore, such as music history that follows you along your Fettehenne journey. Our founding date was an excellent vintage for pop culture. If you like we take you on a Magical Mystery Tour through the musical decades that our hotel has vibes through.