Industry and National park : the smart option for all business-travellers

Perfect for work, perfect to rest

The Bayer AG, the hospital Leverkusen Schlebusch, the MediLev Leverkusen, the Chempark, the Innovationspark, Railway city Opladen, the Leverkusener Fixheide, the tradefair Köln, tradefair Düsseldorf and many other business-destinations lay ahead of the Landhotel Fettehenne. But even more important to our guests: relaxing quietness

Your lush green retreat, before and after your working day

Already the rural Fettehenne will provide you with the change of scenery you deserve after a long day at work. For additional relaxation you can look forward to our wide garden and room views into the  national park. So you can just take off for an after work hike/stroll into the forest or lake, or to go there for your daily morning run.

Short ways to industry, companies and decision makers

The Landhotel Fettehenne is conveniently located. By car it takes just a few minutes to Bayers’ grounds. Just ahead of our door lays the B51, a strategic road for the area, even by today its one of the fastest ways to drive into cologne centre. Alternatively you’ve the highways A1 and A3 that pass by next door. In case your car needs some rest, near the hotel are a total of 3 bus stops. The buses take you nonstop to cologne (Dom and trade fair) and of course Leverkusen.


Work at Landhotel Fettehenne:

Co-Working-Space and Highspeed-Wifi

Good to know: Our hotel offers excellent facilities to work with highspeed internet. So you can connect fast to the world, participate at a video conference or send your daughter to bed with a good night wish. Outside of your room we have our lobby seating and working area and at good weather you can just sit outside and enjoy the garden.

Btw: When you’re in a hurry in the mornings, we’re happy to provide you with our breakfast to go, with the best wishes for a successful day.